At this time of year the roadsides in Gloucestershire are covered in masses of beautiful big white daisies and these sweet flowers have inspired this crochet motif.  The Daisy motif works well on its own or joined together in rows or clusters to create a range of projects perfect for summertime decorating or celebrations.  You’ll find some of my project ideas on the last page of the pattern.


Welcome to my Weediflower Creations Shop. 

It has opened for the first time today, 23 June 2021 and i'm so excited  to be sharing my patterns with you here and also on Ravelry.

More designs are 'in the works' but until then I hope you enjoy what I have for sale here,  and don't forget there are always some free designs and charts available,  just click the tab up above.

Thank you so much for your support.

Karen x