At this time of year the roadsides in Gloucestershire are covered in masses of beautiful big white daisies and these sweet flowers have inspired this crochet motif.  The Daisy motif works well on its own or joined together in rows or clusters to create a range of projects perfect for summertime decorating or celebrations.  You’ll find some of my project ideas on the last page of the pattern.

Weediflower Creations_Daisy Crochet Motif

'Moon Cat'


‘Moon Cat’ is the first in my series of nine mini  magical cross-stitch designs which will be released between October 2021 and October 2022.  These mini magical designs will be lovely on their own as individual projects, or can be stitched together and surrounded with a beautiful border to complete a larger design called ‘Magical Moments’.

‘Moon Cat’ is perfect for a someone learning to cross-stitch for the first time and will be equally enjoyable for a more experienced stitcher looking for a quick project.

Whether you are stitching specifically for Halloween or just love all things magical, this will be perfect for you.


'Moon Cat'.png
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