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March 2023 News 


Hello friends, 


I'm delighted to introduce my two newest cross stitch designs called  'My Garden My Joy' and 'Sleepy Bunny' which are my fifth and sixth new designs for 2023. 


Last month I brought you 'Guinea Fowl' and 'Forget Me Not Biscornu' and these designs are ready for download, along with the other releases for 2023 called 'Autumnal Gathering' and 'Cold Hands Warm Heart' in my Etsy shop.

(Preview images of a few of these new designs are shown on the right of this page, or scroll down if you're on a mobile).

March has been a great month so far with my YouTube channel receiving its 500th subscriber.  If you've not visited my channel yet i'd love it if you would come over and join us

Thank you for visiting me here on my website and I hope you've found a project or freebie you like.

Happy crafting.

Love, Karen      x

Edited on 20 March to add:  Payment to the charity Crohns and Colitis UK of donations received from  the fund raising chart 'A Ten from Hen' was made for £40.  Read more about it over on my blog and to see the payment receipt.

 Seasonal Favourites 

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Sleepy Bunny
Cross Stitch Chart
My Garden My Joy
Cross Stitch Chart
Karen Wiederhold Weediflower Creations

Guinea Fowl
Cross Stitch Chart

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