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May 2023 News 


Hello friends, 


Here we are in May and what a gorgeous month it tends to be here in the UK.  Spring is in full swing and i'm enjoying the longer days, which allows me more time for stitching in the evening after dinner accompanied by the song of the blackbird who lives in our garden.

Last month I was delighted to introduce my newest cross stitch design called 'Memory' in my series Echoes of South Africa. This piece is egg-shaped as a nod to the season and festivities in April and  shows a sunset with elephant in earthy colours.  I also included a bonus chart to stitch the piece as an oval shape if preferred.


In March I celebrated reaching 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel and as promised announced two winners in April's episode to select a chart of their choice from my shop.  Both chose 'Memory' and i'm looking forward to seeing their completed pieces in the future.  If you've not yet visited my channel I'd love it if you would come over and  join us.

Of course I can't sign off without mentioning the Coronation which took place this weekend.  To commemorate the occasion I created a free chart which is available for instant download in my Freebies section.  It's been so lovely and joyful to see them popping up on people's social media photos and videos so beautifully stitched.  I am honoured that you invest your time in stitching my creations.


Thank you for visiting me here on my website and I hope you find a project or freebie you like.

Happy crafting.

Love, Karen      x

PS:  Payment to the charity Crohns and Colitis UK of donations received from  the fund raising chart 'A Ten from Hen' was made for £40.  Read more about it over on my blog and to see the payment receipt.

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