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Hello and thanks for popping by, it's lovely to welcome you here.

This brand new website went live on 1 January 2021.  Up until now i've shared all my patterns and designs on my blog so this is a new and exciting step for me.  I have now completed the transfer of my older patterns and charts from their previous home on my blog to this website.  It was time consuming but very much worth it to have everything in on place and easily accessible. 


This month (May 2021) I have been busy working on some new crochet and cross-stitch designs for the website and relaxing while learning hand quilting in the American Hand Piecing method.  Last month I added another of my previously published patterns to the collection of free patterns here on this website - the the popular Mitred Granny Square/Optical Illusion Blanket which first  featured on my blog in 2013.  It's still proving to be a favourite amongst my visitors.


Wishing you lots of fun exploring and crafting.

Love, Karen x