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Granny Square

Published September 2011

Granny Square(1).png

Pumpkin Time


Published September 2011

Pumpkin Time Garland.png

Mitred Granny Square/Optical Illusion Blanket

Published 16 February 2013 and updated April 2021.

Mitred Granny Square.png

Easter Bunny Motif

Published 21 March 2020 and updated April 2021

Easter Bunny.png


Published 5 April 2020


'Cow Parsley' Square

Published 24 April 2020

Cow Parsley Square.png

VE Day

Granny Triangle


Published 30 April 2020

Granny Triangle - Bunting.png

Gemstone Blanket 'Energised'

Seaside Blanket

Published 23 August 2020

Published 3 June 2020

KarenWiederhold_Gemstone BlanketEnergise
Seaside Inspired Crochet Blanket.png

Valentine Bunting &

Heart Motif

Published 26 January 2021



Published 15 November 2020



Published 13 January 2021


Romantic Hearts Square

Published 1 February 2011 and updated 23 May 2020.

Romantic Hearts.png
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