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Free Cross Stitch Charts

Important:  If you wish to tell others about my freebies, please share the link to this page and not images of the charts or the files themselves.  The designs may be free but this doesn't release my copyright of the images, charts or PDF and rights of use thereof.

Hello Summer

Published 21 July 2022

Weediflower Creations Hello Summer.jpg

Halloween 2022 Freebie

Published 13 October 2022


A Festive Welcome

Published 22 November 2022

A Festive Welcome.png

Toadstool Yule Welcome

Published 1 December 2022

Toadstool Yule Welcome.png

Spring Sheep

Published 2007

Spring Sheep.png

Sunset Swim

Published 17 July 2014

Moon Cat

Published 31 October 2021

Snowglobe_Framed View.jpg




Published 14 December 2021

Celebrating 2022

Published 30 December 2021


Published 6 February 2021

Easter Wishes

Published 13 April 2022

Snowflake Bauble

Published 1 July 2022

Weediflower Creations SnowflakeBaubleJuly2022.png

Yule Be Warm

Published 12 December 2022

Weediflower Creations Yule Be Warm(1).png

Please help me to keep being able to create free patterns and charts by treating me to a virtual coffee.

Your support is appreciated so much.

Celebrating 2023

Published 27 December 2022

Weediflower Creations Celebrating 2023 Image.jpg
Chart for 2023 below.

I Love Me

Published 17 January 2023


Coronation of King Charles III

Published 19 April 2023


Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee

Published 29 May 2022


Whispering Woods

Published 2 October 2023


Celebrating 2024

Published 29 December 2023

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