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Fundraising in support of charitable organisations.

Kindly make your donation before downloading the pattern of your choice.  Your support for these charities is gratefully received and it's heartwarming to see when Crafters show their appreciation for the pattern in giving this much needed support to people in need.  

While making your donation, please type the name of the charity you are supporting in the form provided when you click the links below.  All proceeds will be sent through to the charities in a single payment at the end of the year.

Sadly people do download the patterns with out making a donation which is so disappointing.  Please consider how much you would be helping these charities before you choose to do the same.

With thanks and best wishes,
K x


Sunny Sunflowers

Published October 2011, updated and republished on 10 February 2020


Macmillan Square

Published 19 September 2020

Macmillan Square.png
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